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Overview Server co-location is an economical and scalable solution for your growing business. Hosting your server at one of DLS' state-of-the-art Network Data Centers (NDCs) provides you with the reliability, security, and performance you need to serve your customers.


  • Backup power generators for uninterruptible service in the event of a power outage
  • Climate controlled environment
  • FM200 fire suppression system (will not harm electronics)
  • 24x7 perimeter-based keycard security system
  • Fully redundant gigabit backbone
  • Network infrastructure comprised of Cisco equipment
  • Unrestricted IPv4 allocations*
  • Locations in Chicago and Lake in the Hills for your convenience

* Maximum initial allocation is 32 IPv4 IP addresses. Additional address space can be allocated as needed. Customers must show 80% usage of allocated space to receive further addresses.


  Price per Month
Rack Space per U $18.00
1 Phase Power per Amp $18.00
3 Phase Power per Amp $25.00
Bandwidth per MBPS (95th percentile) NO COMMITMENT $180.00
Bandwidth per MBPS with monthly commitment Pricing available upon request

**Existing flat rate customer who would like to take advantage of this flexible pricing structure must agree to re-numbering and re-location where necessary.

Additional Options

Redundant Uplink*** $100/mo
Software Installation**** $85.00/hr

***Only available in Chicago Datacenter
****Only available in Lake in the Hills Datacenter

Custom quotes and options are also available. Please contact our sales department for details.

DLS co-location customers must agree to and abide by the terms of our acceptable usage policy.